Terms & Conditions

  1. The term WMPSkinMaker / WMPSkinMaker.com can also be referred as Window Media Player Skin Maker. But this product does not belongs to Microsoft.
  2. You will be totally responsible for what you upload.
  3. If we find that you have used Copyright images of others without their concern. We will delete your account.
  4. If we find that you are trying to hack or trying to make system vulnerable, we will take strict action against you.
  5. If you subscribe to us and becomes paid member. You must understand that this software helps you to create basic skins for windows media player. Designing complex skins still requires development.
  6. WMPSkinMaker.com is protected by copyright laws. If we find that you have used it contents or resources, we will take legal actions against you.
  7. All Rights Reserved to WMPSkinMaker and Vivek Muthal. Copyright (C) 2016.